History of Bakalowits Licht Design in Vienna

Quality from Vienna since 1845

Around 170 years ago, Elias Bakalowits founded the chandelier manufactory that today supplies elegant models and lighting creations to the whole world. The company remains in family ownership to this day, now in the fifth generation.

Rise to become one of the finest suppliers of crystal chandeliers

Ludwig, the son of Elias, made the Bakalowits lamp manufactory famous throughout the Austro-Hungarian empire. The company was appointed to the position of Imperial and Royal Court Purveyor with a lighting order for the new Imperial Palace and the Redoutensäale under Emperor Franz Joseph in 1892.


First exports to America and Asia


Exhibition of the chandeliers of Bakalowits at the World Exhibition in Paris, further exhibitions in London, Geneva, St. Petersburg and Turin


First patents for crystal chandeliers and technical drawings, manufacturing restricted until 1945 because of the war, much damage and loss


Order to provide new illuminations for buildings in Vienna (some of which had been destroyed):

  • Parliament
  • Burgtheater
  • City Hall
  • Vienna State Opera
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral


Start of the close cooperation with architects in the Middle East and Far East.

Highlight since then

  • biggest chandelier ever built (for the parliament building in Belgrade)
  • A trail of light runs around the world from Vienna.
  • The history of Bakalowits Licht Design experiences new highlights every year.


KR Prof. Friedl Bakalowits is the fifth generation to head up the family company.